Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Assalamualaikum. Hmm.. isn't it a good beginning for every meeting? Well, I don't really practice it. It depends on my mood. However, it is a must if I enter a house, even an empty house and whenever I enter a musolla or a mosque. And many know that to answer the salam is wajib. Compulsory. Mandatory. With loud voice. The good thing about salam? To initate good relationship and strengthen the group binding among muslims.
And due to that, I am so frustrated. I enter a musolla at my workplace. I give salam. And no one answers. Bad? I dunno what to say. But is it because they do not know me, they simple ignore my entrance.
COrrect me if I am wrong. The world comes to an end when a muslim gives salam to his known muslims only. "Tanda2 hari kiamat tu bila orang muslim memberi salam pada org2 yg dikenali sahaja."
Oho... takutnya aku! The world is almost to an end.
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