My precious

Mama had planned long ago to have a written journal on my kids. Day passes by so quickly and now my eldest lovely Iman Maisarah has reach 3 years old. By that time, mama even did not buy one to write about you guys. Huhu.... Bad huh! Well, as a person who studied communication for her first degree and continue with librarianship study, mama believe that recording is very important. If it is not now, it may be very useful later on. And today, along with globalization and IT, writing is becoming easier. You don't have to really buy things (in my case, the written journal). Just get them online. Some provided for free!! Yeah.. that's the good side on being globalization and good in IT. Haha...

Little Sarah

Little Syaza

Little Afiq

Little Khadijah

Ok. Being mom of four kids is a blessed. It is not easy to raise four kids with different personalities. Raising Iman Maisarah, mama's sweetie pie was such a tough experience. You cried up late at nite and slept like an angel by dawn. You really tested abah and my patience. First time mama breastfed you, it was like heaven. Mama felt like a real mother. Mama intended to fully breastfeed since mama read a lot about the heaven of breastfeeding. Plus, as a human being mama believe that only human being knows best about human being. So mama went thru all the ups and downs in breastfeeding. All the cracking, lack of stocks and many more. Really bad! Yet, sweet to remember.

Mama's sweetie pies! Hurray for Syaza! Yeye for Sarah!

Iman Maisarah bt Mohd Nizamuddin, the eldest

Iman Syaza Wafiah bt Mohd Nizamuddin

Iman Syaza Wafiah is the opposite of Sarah. Probably Syaza is the second one. So, delivering you was so easy. Unlike Sarah who did not cried when she was just born, little Syaza cried out loud! The silent private clinic became shocked when Syaza cried after delivered. Haha... it was funny to remember that. However, first few months with Syaza was much more easier than Sarah. Syaza breastfed a lot compared to Sarah in early few days. That was why Sarah had to admit to ward due to jaundice and Syaza wasn't. Little Syaza slept peacefully at nite and active on the day.

Now, Sarah is three nine years old. Sarah will go to school next year. Mama already bought all the stuffs needed. And you also is so excited to go to school. Sarah even carried your Wonderpets bag and wore your school shoes everywhere in the house! hehehe.... See how excited she is!

Syaza is six years old this year. 11 months and becoming more active day by day. You now love to laugh loudly when playing with abah. The most funny moment (at least by now) is, you love to cover your mouth while laughing. Like an old woman who has no teeth. And she doesn't. Hehe....

Afiq is three years old. Such an active boy. Used to adore Ustaz Abdullah Fahmi. And really hope he will be a mufti one day. That is why I started to call you Mufti Afiq. 

And so far, Iman Khadijah is the last. Hoping that she will be like the Saidatina Khadijah, Prophet's wife. Amin.

Well, it is just a beginning. Mama hope to have some time to write all about your progress from time to time so that you can read it when you can read later on. It is part of my remembrance on the memory of raising my lovely kids...