Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's play with your children

Yup... I am not an ideal mother nor a bad one. But I always try to be the best for my children. The planning to play with them had been in my mind since my first was born. I really wanted to get involved with them when they played. I never had the chance (for my bad time of management and too many works to be done). At last, yesterday I managed to buy a game. Simple, nice and suitable for all. It's called Tumblin' Monkey. Just insert the sticks in the slot provided. Then, drop the small monkeys in the tree. The one who collects the monkey most will lose.

Macam-macam perangai anak-anak bila main. Yang Syaza sibuk nak kumpul monyet paling banyak. Dia akan frust kalau tiba turn dia, dia tak dapat turunkan monyet tu dari pokok. Hehehe... Sarah pula asyik nak giliran yang pertama. Mama galakkan Sarah sebut first, second and third sebab dia main sekali dengan abah. Dan mama tambah satu lagi perkataan forth bila mama nak join sama. Afiq pun sibuk nak join sekali. Bersilat dia dengan abah nak turun tarik sama batang plastik tu. Rasanya game ni boleh dijadikan family ritual during leisure time. It's not the game that we buy for them to play. It's the game that we involve with them to play. So, pada aku, tak perlu la beli dozens of game tanpa kita sendiri spend masa bermain dengan mereka.

Sila abaikan rumah yang bersepah itu. 

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