Monday, February 18, 2008

Hari yang memeningkan

I watched McLeod's Daughter this morning while having my breakfast. There was a part that showed Stevie with her niece, Charlotte. That scene suddenly brought me to think about my lovely baby, Iman Maisarah. This morning, I have sent her to her babysitter since I have to help my mom cleaning her house due to kenduri last night. Well, it seems like my feeling is mixed up. With.... I dunno. So many feelings come at one time. I was thinking about my life back at Kino, my life before when I worked after married, and now, kinda jobless work and stay more at home (even though I do a freelance job).

Being almost jobless for one year, I feel sometimes good, sometimes bad. It's good to raise your own child and spend many quality times with her without being rush to work. You know, kinda 9 - 5 working hour is really tough. I do like being jobless. Hahah... but at the same time, being like this will not help me to generate much income in my life particularly. I think about having a business right from home so that I do not have to go tooooo early and come too late in the evening or worse, late at night. I want my work location to be very near to my home. But.... is it possible? I just wonder what kinda business that I can make? Will it be tough? Can I survive if the business down? Am I able to handle a business anyway? Adussssssssss......... Aku pun dah pening.

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