Sunday, January 29, 2012


I went to see a doctor on 27th since my contraction was quite frequent. Every 10 minutes. It seemed consistent and started at 6 p.m. Worried about that, I went to a clinic at Jenjarom and met Dr. Rosnah. She told me that the baby was already engaged but the delivery seemed not quite yet. She did VE to double confirm her statement. Mak aihh... This time was very painful man! Maybe because the baby head was still far away. I kinda screamed during the VE. Cheh! Ampesh sungguh. Hahaha... Anyway, I satisfied with that.

For knowing that the baby is already engaged, so I decided to be more active. I went for a fabric shopping yesterday with Kak Long for our last wedding kenduri this middle of the year. We spent for about 2 hours at Jakel Shah Alam. Did not manage to get our desired fabrics since the fabrics was out of stock. But the staff promised to us to get it from other store. Hopefully we can get that. For my dear siblings, prepare at least RM 250 for the whole family for the fabrics yea... The more your family members, the more you have to pay to Datin. hahahhaha....

Today. Morning. Until 0820, there is no contraction detected so far. But the cute little baby in mama's tummy moves actively. Ohoooo... Need to off the chair to prepare a homemade mushroom creamy soup. My first time ever. I'll post the picture kalau jadi ek. Menu for this morning breakfast will be mushroom soup, garlic bread, special omelets and baked beans.... Chiaoww for now...

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