Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Went for a regular checkup yesterday at Poliklinik Barakah. My gynae said that my sugar level was slightly high. she expected it to be at 7.8 instead of my result 8.1. I told her about my worry that her center might not receive me as a patient if I were to deliver later because of the slightly diabetic result. What a relief when she said as long as I can control my sugar level, the center has no problem of taking me in for the delivery. Alhamdulillah. I was sooooooo happy for that.

Baby progress was normal during the last night checkup. I was quite shocked to know that her weight was 2.8kg. perghxhhhh..... beratnya. But my gynae said that she expected 3++ kg. mak aih... byk sgt tu. just worry her weight will increase more than 3.35? hahaha... Kak long's was 3.3 kg during the delivery and kak ngah was higher 500 gm than kak long. will the cutie in mama's tummy grow biger than that.... huhuhu... whatever it is, hopefully everything will be fine.

Mama have to undergo a series of sugar blood test before delivery to know the level. Have to take the blood 4 times which is at 8, 12, 4pm and 9 am. So I have to find the time...

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