Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Agak-agak berapa harga year??

Yesterday, I had my late lunch at a food court in Giant Kelana Jaya. I had my favorite Thai Jawa Fried Rice as my other favorite Sizzling Yee Mee had finished. "Maaf kak, yee mee dah habis". Ok fine. That's one thing. Then I asked my hubby to buy for me ABC since I had been looking for it almost two weeks. Just to get the best ABC. Then he brought along the ABC together with his sugarcane juice. Well, the ABC cost 2.50. Look nice. With red syrup color, green selasih and creamy corn. Yummy!!!
Sadly, when I dug in the mounted ABC, haa??? it did not worthy. Few red beans, few jelly with multiple colors... and... that is it! I felt mad a bit. Susu pekat? Very few. Even the taste wasnt that gud. Man! I expected to have some peanuts, red beans, a bit cendol, and some more that can create an ABC. Gila betul!!!! isshh.... that 2.50 actually can cost only RM 1. See, how much that they got profit.

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