Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baru kutahu

This is my third week in cataloging department. Going thru the practical side makes me understand what is cataloging all about. Lerrr... it is all about the standardization and computer programming. You have to know what is the tagging for title, author, publishers, this and that and bla...bla...bla.... you put wrong tagging, it will not appear in the searching process and will give problem to the searcher, particularly for library users. it is not that easy but not too hard. If a librarian stays in cataloging for 1 month, I believe he can do it. Well, cataloging is the heart of library. If a librarian does not know about cataloging, aiyooo,.... the library will die loh. It is fun to be a cataloger. Errr... specifically for those who love to be in front of PC all the times and do such a tedious work. I like cataloging, but to be a cataloger? errr... let me think first. I always fall asleep while doing it. zzzzzz......... Oh, so, do u think that I am suitable for the job? haha...

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