Monday, May 07, 2007

My practical training

I am attaching with Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak 1, UITM Shah Alam for my practical training. Well, it is different to work with government. Pelik coz I have 4 years experience working in private. Eventhough it is just a praktical training, but i am thinking again. is it worth being in government? I mean, the working style is so much different from private. punch in at 8, go out for breakfast around 8.30 am. now is already 9 but none of them have come back. I dunno. This is how they work since long long long long long time ago.
Anyway, I am going to complete my study this coming July. Now I have started searching for a job. Hopefully I will get it as soon as I finish my training. I do not want to work here at the library. I want to be somewhere in public library. Office hour. hahaha.....
Why? Well, can say because I do not want to involve in the politics of this office. I want to find somewhere else. Sakit la kat sini.

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