Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sandwich.... anyone?

Experiential learning. That was what I did for today's lesson. I enjoyed the lesson as much as my pupils. Experiential learning is one of the ways to teach pupils so that they have better understanding. Why? Because normally, experience teaches us better. We learn to walk carefully on slippery walkway because we saw and fell before. We learn to talk nicely with people because we saw and experience respect when we did that. So on and bla... bla...bla...(my lecturer loves to use dadada... instead of blablabla... hehehe).

I taught my pupils on sandwich making for today's lesson. I brought all the ingredients and utensils. Then, I just realized that they did not know what is a cutting board!!! Hohoho.... They were so excited to see me doing the sandwich in front of the class. Then, I gave each of them a set of sandwich ingredients and they did it on their own. They enjoyed the moment so much. They asked me whether they could eat the sandwich there and then. hahahah... I love to share the lesson plan with you guys. Those who need it, can go to the link provided under English Lesson Plan and Activities yea.... I got all 4 out of 5.. Can say for me dah ok sangat-sangat dah... :D

Anyway, today's lesson was the last observation for my practicum. I feel great. What a relief! erghhh.... seronok tak terkata... Alhamdulillah....

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