Thursday, December 24, 2009

Menu for dinner

Grilled dory, garlic buttered rice and salad. Wheww! Last week exactly on the same day (Thursday) my family and I went out for dinner. We tried something different from other usual days. Normally having dinner outside will be fast food like KFC, McD, pizza or at least chicken rice shop. This time, The Manhattan Fish Market. Since it is a very expensive restaurant (at least for people like me), this is my third time having dinner over here. the third time cost more than RM100. Walla!!! Giler je aku rasa. But since we wanted to try something different... so, just pay for it! Based on that, I cooked western food for dinner tonight. Exactly the same what we had for our dinner at TMFM.

Sayangnya, aku tak dpt amik gambo sebab dah licin makan baru tingat nak amik gambo. Heheheh.... Simple yet healthy food for our dinner tonight. dapur aku pun tak bersepah dengan minyak masak since I grilled the fish. With some blackpepper, worcestershire sauce, italian mix herbs, oil, salt and orange juice, I grilled the fish till it just right. not overcooked. Nyumm..nyumm.... Anyone?

Ni gambo grilled fish kat secret recipe. heheheh.... bukan yang aku masak. Saje wat penghias blog. :D

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