Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Syaza dan mama

Syaza is now almost 2 years. Syaza is now 23 months years old. She haven't speak properly. Few words have came out from her mouth. 'Jap' (sekejap), 'dap' (sedap), abah and few other words. And few days ago, mama feel like heaven when a moment-waited word slipped out from her lips. MAMA. Aduuhai... seronok rasanya. For so long, she had been calling me abah. hahaha.... Adik now is getting smarter and better. She is now full of expression. Everyday, mama can't wait to see you. Adik have so many ideas to do. But, unfortunately, you don't like to eat. Susahnya nak suruh adik makan. Huhu.... And, at the age of 23 months old, you haven't got your last jab. Oppsss... everytime mama wants to send you to clinic for a jab, you will fall sick. Erghhh... hope, by end of this month, your immunisation will be done. You are so afraid to have medicine. Melalak macam kena dera. hehehe... Miss you my dear....

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