Monday, May 03, 2010

Bride Wars

I watched the movie for the few minutes last month. It looked interesting. So I tried to get another date so that I could watch full. I tried to quickly cook for dinner and got myself ready for the movie around 8.25 p.m. Well, nothing much interesting rather than the comedy and friendship themes for me to watch. But, the friendship theme reminds me of one of my best friends. The story was almost like the story of my friend and I. Having great moments together. Life, study and the marriage.

Liv and Emma, mistakenly (done by the wedding planner) set up a same date to get marry at the same place which is at Hotel Plaza. Initially, they both agreed to make one of them change the date. Unfortunately, due to misunderstanding, Liv chose to get marry on the date she planned earlier. Then the drama started. Having all the scenes almost exactly like my story (except for the ending), my eyes teared. I miss the moment for I believe that it would not come back to me. Or, will 'Liv' and 'Emma' get back together? Hmmmm..... Does 'Liv' know 'Emma' better or does 'Emma' know 'Liv' much better or how is it?

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