Thursday, October 20, 2011

First day in school

I went to PPD Kuala Langat together with Yahya, ex-IPBA. Met Zuraida Mat Nawi, Nurshafinaz and Wan at PPD Kuala Langat before we headed to a restaurant for a breakfast. 10.30 we went to PPD to collect the letter. Still remember what En. Sarjani told us "Didik anak bangsa dengan penuh ikhlas". Insyaallah, I will do my best. Then, I went straight away to the school. It is a tamil school in a middle of chinese town. A little bit weird but....

I went to the office, handed over the letter to the clerk, Kak Faizah and she asked me to wait for the GB to come since he was having a meeting with PPD downstairs. Whoaaa... felt a little bit of butterfly in my tummy. hehhehe... then I looked around and saw a Malay name on the chart. Phew!!.. What a relief!

Hasniza, the teacher then came in coincidentally and we had a warm conversation. She brought me to the teacher's room... See... cantik kan? Ada partition which I never see before in any teacher's room.

And this is my temporary compartment since the teacher is on maternity leave.

Then I went to see GB. We just had a brief conversation. I handed over a letter from IPBA. He told me my real duty will start after Deepavali break. As for tomorrow, he asked me to see GPK1 for further info on teaching and schedule. Finished with that, I went back to teacher's room (impian untuk stay for a while was gone when the GB asked me to get to know the teachers in the room. huhuh....). 

I chatted with Hasniza, Punita and Pushpa. But after a while, they went out for classes. Bored and nothing much to do. So I went down and looked around the school. 

I did not manage to explore the whole school but overall, ok. Hopefully I can cope with the stress and new environment. Their English level for me is very low. They don't even understand when I asked them a simple question (What year are you?). The girl looked at me and puzzled. Her mouth almost open wide coz she did not understand. hahahha... Then I asked in Malay. She answered and smiled. Then she went away. I told Hasniza and she told me that she taught them how to reply in Malay coz before this, they didnt even know how to answer the question in Malay. Haiyoooo... Then I have to learn Tamil as well. 

For the first day, I manage to get to know few people. Kak Faizah - the clerk, Hasniza - BM teacher, Punitha - Maths teacher, Pushpa - can't remember the subject she teaches, Rohana and Sharifah - Pembantu Pra. As time goes by I will get to know more people in the school. Tomorrow is the last day for this week. Hohoho.... Next week of for the whole week due to Deepavali. I will only start the real class (maybe) on 31st. :)

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